Work Week 7 & 8: 4.15.22 + 4.22.22

Work Week 7 & 8: 4.15.22 + 4.22.22
I got ghosted from a job opportunity but hey least it's spring time now :")

Oops. Lost track of time and was traveling throughout the week so this will be an overall haul of blunders and work activities done.

Week 7, 4.15:

  • Not too much going on, general product workload
  • Reviewed with clients around critical open items, risks and dependencies
  • Learned more about software engineering career path
  • Begun reviewing fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency

(Potential job opportunity!?)

  • Customer Engineering Leader from an established startup reached out to me via email to discuss about job opportunities. He connected me with a recruiter to learn more
  • Spoke to the recruiter; it was a career I wasn't very interested in at the end but decided to go to next steps and speak to the Customer Engineering Leader next week
  • I wasn't interested in Implementation Specialist or Technical Account Manager roles... I prefer to stick with Product Management
  • Plus the salary bracket was too low but we didn't get to the point where I could argue higher

  • Begun forecasting for the team any additional client requirements or pending activities if project is extended and client agrees to additional sprints

Week 8, 4.22:

  • Went back home to see my family
  • We caught a live rat which kept me distracted for an entire day
  • Not gonna lie I think rodents are very cute hehe so I kept feeding it fruits (good water and nutrients intake) before my dad found the time to release it somewhere further away

(The continuation of new job opportunity)

  • Spoke to the Customer Engineering Leader who reached out and declined going further with the job opportunity but was really interested in his background so I sent my thank you email + asked to further connect
  • He called me without notice so I missed his call and attempted to call back. Unfortunately there was no response so I followed up twice on another availability
  • I got ghosted
  • Honestly getting ghosted wasn't great. But anyways, I received the rejection letter the next day
  • It was a decent rejection letter, mentioned my background is certainly impressive and will reach back out if there are any better matches
  • Attempted to network with the recruiter to learn more about his background as well because he had a really cool background
  • I got ghosted x 2
  • Weeeelll that's that. No more follow-ups from me as I've done my due diligence and thought they were interesting people (asides from their current work)

  • Begun research and creating the tech stack around what the Metaverse is for our Metaverse campaign
  • Worked through some data cleanup work that was given to us from the clients
  • Held a client workshop to clarify and finalize a new UI design on part of the platform
  • Continued to review critical open items, risks and dependencies with clients

Next Week:

  • Discussion on resourcing forecast and pending objectives for my team to leadership
  • Going back home and need to tend my plant babies
  • Need to start kicking my butt into gear around my AI certification