Oct-Nov Work/Life Progress

Oct-Nov Work/Life Progress
Clay making progress :-)

Some work/life updates as I have tried to reduce my burnout.


  • Begun taking pottery class for the past few weeks. It's been messing up my fingernails but an extremely rewarding activity
  • In 2 weeks we will be glazing yay
  • Tissue culture plants have been doing well. All 10 white princesses survived, 4/10 white wizards died from the mold :(
  • Rather than playing poker every weekend... I have now fallen into the trap of Magic The Gathering oops


  • Passed my third certification of the year: SAFe 5.1 POPM
  • Consistently managing several workstreams for different client pursuits
  • Onboarded to a new project as a scrum master for two client teams
  • Also onboarded to improve the client's agile methodologies

Recession Struggles

I was reached out by a Google recruiter but my interview was unfortunately called back. I also didn't have much with another role with the help of another Google employee as it also got called back. To be honest it was a huge validation that Google messaged me so I take all of it as a positive sign!

Also technology companies at the moment are struggling so it isn't too much of a loss. Not only that it was a role that wasn't particularly ideal. :")