Tissue Culture Plant Acclimation

Tissue Culture Plant Acclimation
I'm out here SPLURGING on plants.
Sealed container of P. White Wizard in agar.
You can see the gross mold :( but that is why it was cheap!

Recently I took the gamble of trying out tissue culture baby plants off a Facebook plant group. They were fairly cheap as the white wizard philodendron x10 tissue culture pups' agar was molding. I had also bought a white princess philodendron x10 pups.

FYI- I did not follow ALL the steps I should have to make sure the transition goes properly and I do not lose a single pup but we will see how it goes.

Sealed container of P. White Princess in agar.
Some dead/yellowing leaves in the white princess but no mold. It makes my life much easier lol.

To be honest I didn't mean to win the white princess sale but the person above me deleted their comment so I became the second in line to win...

Anyways, from the instructions these plant pups have only been in sterile conditions. Everything I had done from washing, potting, and drying had to all be fairly sterile.

Ball of 10 white princesses ready to get rinsed off! I need to get off all the agar.

In order to pull apart each plant pup, I had to use tweezers to carefully remove agar and untangle roots. Some leaves and roots definitely were lost in the process. I also had to remove any dead/yellowing leaves.

I use Besgrow New Zealand sphagnum moss and used distilled water. 

During the potting up process, I microwaved the sphagnum moss with perlite in distilled water to kill off any bacteria. I placed it in an upside down clear container to create a humidity dome. Everything was also sanitized to make sure I mimicked that sterile and 100% sealed humidity which the plant pups had originally came in so that they can acclimate properly.

Unfortunately I did not have any solutions/chemicals on hand to help sterilize the pups any further . I mainly used clorox wipes and hand sanitizer spray.....So as I am posting this now.. After a week the white knights are battling a mold issue on the roots.. Oops...I will post again in a week.

And now we wait a few weeks and see how it goes!