Work Week 5: 4.1.2022

Work Week 5: 4.1.2022
New York Botanical Garden Show


  • Caught up with a product senior manager and updated each other on our lives + what we're working on
  • Continued to drive team to close out specific tasks for our sprint goals and address any concerns


  • Discussed with my counselor about the burn out I was facing. Offered suggestions to improve our team and my personal self
  • Received new opportunities with Metaverse. Exciting stuff


  • Typical product day again. Address bugs/concerns, make sure team is progressing properly, answer any client observations/RAID log items


  • After opening up with my concerns about burn out.... My work schedule has lightened a lot more. Very awkward. But at least I was heard, I don't regret it..I think (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
  • Happy Hour mingling Digital Emerging Technologies practice with Digital Strategy practice. It is funny to see we have the DET Architecture on one side, DET product management on one side, and Digital Strategy in their own corner. Definitely was not much mingling going on
  • (Not work related but I won $150 in poker after happy hour and wiped the entire table)
  • (.......But I also proceeded to lose $90 during the weekend)


  • Continued to work with the insights team to build out the Metaverse 101 deck we will be presenting to the DET offsite next week
  • Although end to end testing for SIT3 is in parallel with our sprint goals, sprint deadline + code freeze is next week so asked the team to provide progress and move stories if anything needs to be reviewed/closed out by me

Speaking about burn-out was difficult. I'm not one for confrontation when I am not provoked. So I'm just casually holding back tears for no reason???? Anyways, the conversation went fine. I was heard, we discussed about solutions mainly for my team. For myself, it was more so just getting through it... lol. Can't complain, my workload got lighter again. No more 10+ hour work days.

In other news, is it time for me to study more about poker strategies???????

Next Week:

  • Present what Metaverse is and use cases to the offsite DET practice
  • Sprint planning
  • Remind clients about open RAID log items