Work Week 4: 3.25.2022

Work Week 4: 3.25.2022
Sold @ Mitsuwa and Muji. This stuff is so gooooood. Put it on sandwiches, rice, congee, while you eat sushi/sashimi. MMMMMMM


  • Received additional client feedback on overall UI designs
  • Continued insights research on the metaverse
  • Addressed any technical issues the team had with DAML mapping
  • Had a 1-1 with tech lead on what else is pending and catching him up to speed
  • Completed sprint planning


  • Reviewed sprint planning with the broader group
  • Address additional technicalities
  • Had dinner and happy hour with people in my practice/networking


  • Continued to refine the user stories
  • Cleaned up backlog and reviewed leftover client observations and RAID log items


  • Went through the UI with a product manager that recently onboarded
  • Presented this week's progress to broader group


  • Added additional members into insights research on the metaverse
  • Presented this week's progress to the clients
  • Created PowerPoint that maps the UI attributes to the screens (better visualization for the dev teams to review)
  • All of SIT3 is completed :)

Overall another productive week for the team. We're getting back on track after the past two week's SIT. My mind is a blur from what work had been completed as I had an extremely eventful weekend. I went to my first traditional Korean spa and it was phenomenal. Too bad I didn't take any photos. :(

Next Week:

  • Continue to track the team's progress on UI
  • Need to make sure we also complete the other functionalities and include additional data we didn't get to last week
  • Review team's research of the Metaverse and create a deck around it to present to the entire practice