Work Week 3: 3.18.2022

Work Week 3: 3.18.2022
Pokemon cards I got in Paris. Crazy how a pack is 9 euros. Apparently it's expensive due to a lack of stock. Regardless, Moumouton sounds just as cute as Wooloo.

Vacation comes to an end. :(


  • Lament how this will be my last full day in Paris.
  • Stumbled upon an amazing tapas restaurant. Definitely unforgettable.
  • Bought some crazy expensive Pokemon cards, only pulled one shiny V card (Moumouton was cuter so I'm featuring that for this week).


  • Layover in England for a couple of hours. First time!
  • Came home to my two fur babies who didn't seem to care that I was gone for the past week.


  • Reconnected with the team and received updates. A lot of catch-up work.
  • Continued prepping for another client workshop.


  • Reviewed work done by team, relayed tasks for them to prioritize as there was a slight disconnect between prioritizing bugs vs user stories.
  • Presented Chatbot functionalities with innovations team during bi-weekly experience design huddle.
  • Caught up with any other functionality changes that I missed out in the past week.


  • Standup cancelled as almost all the team is on holiday for Holi.
  • Took the time to review this week's work one by one.
  • Realization we are actually off-track for SIT.

  • Scrambled to send out additional communications on what is priority and set up meetings with my tech lead to make sure he is across all of this.
  • This is where the panic sets in again.
  • Began preparations for Monday's calls.

Next Week:

  • Get an estimate of how much is left for SIT.
  • Communicate with the team further on what tasks to prioritize and understand if there are any pain points that need to be addressed.
  • Loop in tech lead that recently was onboarded.

Difficult part of all this is everyone is burnt out from the project. We're almost done. I definitely need to motivate the team and figure out where the disconnect still is.  ~2months more to go.