4 Month Monstera Albo Update

4 Month Monstera Albo Update
Monstera Albo half moon, single leaf rooted cutting. Mother plant was a full half-moon albo!
It's a good looking pimple

Progress photo of my monstera albo that I bought on Jan. 9th. After 3 months, the growth point finally activated and now a cute little pimple is showing.

All my plants are growing these past few weeks. My other monstera albo with a more marble variegation has been nabbed by my dad (He also took my Thai Constellation too).

Hope and pray the leaf won't be reverted!!!

Also today I attempted to make moss poles and then couldn't get it to stay upright. This is what I get for going in blind without actually watching a tutorial. :(

What it should look like

I made a moss sea cucumber. Awful.

The attempt