The Beginning of the Journey

The Beginning of the Journey

Hello and welcome to the beginning.

A small habit I've started this year is trying to watch motivational/instructional videos instead of music during my downtime or when doing busy-work. During this time my auto-play on Youtube fell on to this:

This made me finally think, "Ok you know what? I'm gonna do it. Not because I think this will make me a millionaire but keeping this as a small habit will make me happier."

Why Now?

Well because I've realized diary entries, word vomiting, and hoarding nostalgic relics (well, hoarding in general) are a part of me.

I've blogged for years without realizing. As a child I was forced to write diaries (Which surprisingly were very detailed for a 6 year old. Good job, me)

I also grew up during the angsty hipster/emo teenage days of when Tumblr was some sort of secret society. After 10 years of using Tumblr (religiously for ~7 years), I finally stopped in 2020.

Although it was Personally Personal, it became a sort of depressive nostalgia that reminded me of all the pain, trauma and toxicity I dealt with. I used it as an emotional/venting support system to get me through all the hardships I dealt with through my teenage to early 20's. Very raw, unrefined, emotional angsty stuff...Anyways...

Although I keep the blog archived because it had so much of my soul and what made me ME (also there's a lot of cool art inspos), I needed a newer, HEALTHIER outlet. Something more adult. Less depressed confused child, but now more of a confused working professional going through her quarter-life crisis. So, I've let go of my toxic relationship of Tumblr and have begun me new one with my new boo, It's Personal.

Maybe in 10 years I'll create a 3rd edition and where we go through my journey of motherhood? Who knows.

So...What will this blog contain?

I want to share my journey. As a newbie of my current 3.5 years in technology consulting, as a budding product manager and just as a 25 year old going through life.

Topics will be:

  • What I wish I learned
  • What I wish I had done better
  • What I feel would be amazing resources
  • What I am learning
  • Self-reflections and updates of my career/hobby journey
  • Life in general

So in the end, this website is called, "It's Personal" because it IS personal. I want to look back, just like how I looked back on Tumblr and think, "Wow! I've grown a lot!". The idea is to have this blog be a helpful resource but at the same time let me vent/rant/blog freely in a more refined fashion than my Tumblr days.


  • Me, myself and staying true to how I write
  • You all

Personally Personal, Self Reflection - Welcome to my second edition journey, a more refined, adult-perspective into my current life.