Elden Ring

Elden Ring
Will I ever play the game? Probably not. Will I read up everything about it? Yes.

Honestly I've given up on my motivational/educational (finance/tech) videos that I used to listen to on the side. The flavor of the week has been around Elden Ring lore, endings, weapons, etc.

As for Elden Ring, I won't play it (too much work) so instead I fully binged the entire lore as well as watched Youtubers try to beat the game with ridiculous restrictions. (I should just play the game...What am I doing)

Yesterday's watchlist
And some more. Besides the Colors of Chloe video which honestly she has a MUCH easier life than me as a product manager. I'm envious

Anyways. I'm a big sucker for Miquella and Malenia. The character designs are so beautiful.

Also General Radahn using Gravity so he can ride his horse is pretty hilarious. If you're interested, this is a great summary of the lore -

Timestamp: 18:34. Big Man General Radhan riding his horse :")