Instagram knows I've been thinking about owning homes I cannot afford...

Received this sponsor ad. I clicked "Learn More" without thinking of anything else besides it being a cool furniture brand. But then I stumbled upon this unique concept of home ownership.


  • You can buy with crypto or fiat currency
  • You buy a single "Earth" property and have the option to swap with others who own an "Earth" home approx. to your property's worth
  • No nightly charges but a $100 cleaning fee after you leave someone else's Earth property
  • You can use your home as any traditional home, rent it out, or take advantage of the Home network
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Earth homes are fully-furnished, trial stays are available
  • Vacant homes before being sold can be accessed in the network if you own an Earth property
  • Future Design: They're working to make property easily transferrable from wallet-to-wallet transactions


  • Seems like a more luxurious approach to competing with Airbnbs.
  • Most concerns and issues people may have with temporary stays would be the same as Airbnbs. However benefits are it is a tighter group of people who are part of the same network.  
  • If your primary goal is to own a home with added benefits, this would be an interesting property for homebuyers.
  • The questions would be are the properties surrounding the area of your potential Earth home significantly cheaper than what you'd be paying for? Is the home-swapping amenity truly worth it to you? (And any other general homebuying questions you have when looking for a new property. Schools, safety, grocery stores, demographic etc.)
  • If your main goal is for the house-swapping I would be a bit hesitant as long-term would depend on how favorable the company expands their homes as well as the abundance of available homes to swap.

Interested in seeing how this plays out and if they expand to have different categories of nodes within their home network with additional amenities or privilege.